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Vitamin D Yeast

Yeast: A Natural Source of Vitamin D

Bakers yeast can naturally produce Vitamin D when exposed to the ultra violet light of the sun, similar to humans. When that happens, the natural sterols in yeast (ergosterol) are converted to vitamin D (ergocalciferol).

Lallemand has developed a process that treats yeast with UVB light to produce a natural and vegetarian source of Vitamin D yeast which can be used in bread, baked goods and other food products. Lallemand Baking Vitamin D yeast products offers baker the possibility to make bread a daily vegetarian source of Vitamin D as it can be added to baked products as per your country’s public health legislation:

Why is Vitamin D Important?

Vitamin D is considered a nutrient of health concern by many government health agencies, with many people around the globe not getting their recommended daily intake. Vitamin D’s importance for the body includes maintaining strong bones and teeth, assisting with muscle, nerve and immune system function. There is emerging evidence to show that Vitamin D may play a role in protecting against various cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure and glucose intolerance.