Lallemand Baking
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Lallemand Baking Yeast and Bacteria Production Plants in North America are located in

  • Montréal (Canada)
  • Baltimore (USA)
  • Hattiesburg (USA)
  • Memphis (USA)
  • Wahpeton (USA)
  • Cuautitlán (Mexico)
  • Milwaukee (USA)

The plants in Montréal, Baltimore, Hattiesburg, Memphis and Wahpeton produce fresh bakers yeast. The Montréal facility also produces quality instant and specialty yeasts and the Cuautitlán facility produces baking powders and other dry blend ingredients.
Lallemand Baking is the only yeast company in the United States and Canada which still operates its own fleet of refrigerated trucks with its own drivers. This ensures unrivalled service and quality assurance from our yeast plants all the way to the wholesale bakery plants. Along with the yeast products, many other ingredients are distributed by our fleet to help bakers reliably meet, just in time, their weekly ingredient requirements, ensuring faster rotation of perishable ingredients, minimizing working capital needs and space.

Lallemand Baking Yeast and Bacteria Production Plants in the rest of the world are located in 

  • Vienna (Austria)
  • Schwarzenbach, Nuremberg and Passau (Germany)
  • Josefow (Poland)
  • Salutaguse (Estonia)
  • Lahti (Findland)
  • Grenaa (Denmark)
  • Setubal (Portugal)
  • Felixstowe (UK)
  • Florence (Italy)
  • Cape Town and Durban (South Africa)

The plants in Vienna and Florence plants produce organic fresh bakers yeast, whereas as the plants in Schwarzenbach, Josefow, Salutaguse, Lahti, Grenaa and Cape Town produce conventional fresh bakers yeast. The Passau plant produces organic instant dry yeast, whereas the Felixstowe, Setubal and Cape Town plants produce conventional and VitaD rich instant dry yeast.

Lallemand Baking has distribution centres around the world, at selected points, to help the plants reach the markets serviced by Lallemand Baking with quality fresh bakers yeast, instant dry yeast, enzymes and other baking ingredients.

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