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Marco represents Lallemand at the ABA Convention

Apr 17, 2024

Marco Petruccelli, Vice President & Chief Information & Technology Officer at Lallemand, participated in a panel discussion titled “Baking in an AI World” during the American Bakers Association (ABA) Convention in Phoenix, AZ this week. In this insightful session, he delved into the potential benefits and business value of artificial intelligence (AI) for businesses. His key points highlighted:

Data-Driven Culture: Marco stressed the importance of fostering a data-driven culture within organizations. Understanding the power of data is fundamental to leveraging AI effectively and taking full advantage of its benefits.

AI Strategy and Ambition: Marco highlighted that successful AI adoption requires a clear strategy. It’s not just about deploying AI models; it’s about understanding how AI fits into the broader business strategy and vision, as well as where it can be used to overcome business challenges that more traditional methods have not yet succeeded.

Training Staff and Evaluating AI Models: Marco discussed the critical role of training staff in all levels as well as eventually training your AI models in AI implementation as well as evaluating AI models to ensure their alignment with business goals.

Marco highlighted the value of AI systems in supply chain optimization and how organizations can also plan for proactive equipment and product maintenance to improve operational efficiency. In summary, Marco Petruccelli’s insights emphasize that it is not race to deploy AI models but rather a race to start learning.