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Lallemand Expands Its Range of Instaferm® VitaD® Yeast Products

Jun 5, 2018

June 5th, 2018 – Lallemand is expanding its range of Instaferm® VitaD® yeast products, with the introduction of Instaferm® Inactive VitaD® Plus Concentrate. This 100% natural yeast product contains a highly concentrated amount of Vitamin D. It is ideal for vitamin D enrichment of bread premixes.

Vitamin D is now considered a nutrient of health concern by many health agencies. Although the Recommended Daily Value for vitamin D is 20 μg (800 IU), more than 75% of Americans have an inadequate daily intake, averaging 3.75 μg (150 IU)/day. In U.S.A, it is now mandatory to declare the vitamin D content on the Nutrition Facts label. According to the recent International Food Information Council online survey held on March 12-26, 2018, more than 80% of Americans ages 18 – 80 rank food containing vitamin D as healthy. Bread and yeast-leavened bakery products can be excellent vehicles for vitamin D to help prevent vitamin D insufficiency and deficiency. These foods are nutritious, safe, versatile, and inexpensive. They are also widely consumed by the population in general, regardless of ethnic, cultural and age differences.

Today, Lallemand Instaferm® VitaD® product range includes products tailored to your needs:

  • Instaferm® VitaD® Plus Concentrate Vitamin D IDY for cream yeast enrichment
  • Instaferm® Inactive VitaD® Plus Concentrate Inactive Vitamin D yeast for bread premixes
  • Instaferm® VitaD® Premix SB Vitamin D Premix for dosing in 50-275lbs/23-125kg batch size
  • Instaferm® VitaD® Premix LB Vitamin D Premix for dosing in 400-1300lbs/181-590kg batch size

All Instaferm® VitaD® Products Are Clean Label and Vegetarian
Just a reminder that all our VitaD® products are Vitamin D rich ingredients suitable for Clean Label and Vegetarian products. They do not contain any chemical additives and are obtained from a natural process. Vitamin D3, on the contrary, is obtained from sheep skin that undergoes harsh extraction procedures. Yeast is a natural vegetarian ingredient; bread made with VitaD® yeast products can therefore be a great source of Vitamin D for vegetarians/vegans.

About Lallemand
Lallemand supplies bakers yeast to bakers all around globe. It is a privately held Canadian company specializing in the research, development, production, marketing and distribution of yeast and bacteria. Lallemand has over 3,500 employees located in more than 45 countries on all continents. Lallemand operates plants in Baltimore, Hattiesburg, Memphis, and Wahpeton (USA), and in Montreal (Canada).