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4th Wieninger Organic Yeast Symposium “Bread meets Wine”

Jul 7, 2017

Lallemand recently hosted its “4th Wieninger Organic Yeast Symposium” at the Bavarian Institute of Horti- and Viticulture (Bayerischen Landesanstalt für Garten- und Weinbau) in Veitshöchsheim, close to Würzburg, Germany.

For the first time it was organized as a joint event for both bakers and winegrowers under the theme “Bread meets Wine” by the business units Lallemand Baking and Lallemand Oenology. The goal was to host a comprehensive platform for exchanging ideas and concepts in the production of organic foods and drinks. In a series of interesting presentations we challenged the participants to learn something new and to refer to something familiar, which was the base for interesting discussions at a dinner in a cozy atmosphere later in the evening. After a good night’s sleep the joyful event ended after a visit the local vineyard “Juliusspital.”