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Taste & Aroma


Flavor and aroma development in bread will depend on the type of flour used, but also on the fermentation and baking techniques. When the same flour and recipe are used, then the choice of fermentative ingredient, i.e. the use of varying strains of yeast and bacteria, will help produce breads with unique flavor profiles.

Our solutions are applicable in straight dough, preferment step or in an extended proof time with the goal to enhance the aroma and taste profile of the baked product. They can be used in combination with conventional yeast or sourdough applications to produce baked goods with unique flavors.

Discover Lallemand Baking’s solutions designed for convenient addition to formulations of signature artisan style bread and rolls, pizza, crackers and croutons, as well as for unique wheat and corn tortillas flavors.

Not all products are available in all markets nor all claims allowed in all regions.