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Lallemand Baking knows all about baking and can provide bakers with a source of practical technology for solving problems. Yeast is a key ingredient in breadmaking; the driving force behind fermentation. Yeast is responsible for its leavening ability. It also helps to strengthen and develop gluten in dough. Yeast fermentation also contributes to wonderful flavors in bread.

Learn more about the role of yeast in breadmaking.

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Lallemand Baking Update

Lallemand Baking provides White Papers containing essential information about breadmaking and proper use of baking ingredients. Volume 3 features updated versions from Volumes 1 and 2, along with new topics. The issues are published here as they are available. Our Special Editions cover a wide range of side topics (organic, probiotics, Vitamin D) that might be of interest for you.

Table of Content

No1 Comparing Breadmaking Systems

No2 Yeast Activation in a Water Brew

No3 Bagel Production

No4 Bakers Yeast Production and Characteristics

No5 How to Evaluate a Cream Yeast System

No6 A Guide to Dough Conditioner Ingredients

No7 A Guide to Reducing Agents

No8 A Guide to Baking Enzymes

No9 Staling Causes and Effects

No10 Improving Crumb Softness

No11 How Flour Affects Bread Quality

No12 Standardizing Enzymes Levels in Flour

No13 Pie Crust Production

No14 Bread Formula Optimization

No15 Working Preferments

No16 How Frozen Dough Affects Bread Quality

No17 Fresh Yeast Handling and Dosing

No.21 Pizza Crust

No22 Bake Time Reduction


Special Editions

Baking with Probiotics

Artisan Baking: When Art Meets Science

Myths About Baking and Bakers Yeast

Organic Yeast

Nutritional and Health Benefits of Yeast

Bread Fortification with Vitamin D Yeast


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