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Freezer-To-Oven Solutions

Clean Label Solutions For Freezer-To-Oven Baked Goods

The attraction for frozen bakery goods keeps on growing due to the economic advantage of a centralized manufacturing and distribution process as well as easier standardization of product quality. This market trend creates opportunities for artisan bakeries but also bring new challenges as several problems can result from frozen storage. Frozen doughs usually exhibit less volume and poor texture due to dough weakening as well as reduced yeast viability.

During freezing, the intracellular water expands and forms crystals that rupture yeast cell wall, reducing fermenting power. The higher levels of ruptured cells cause ’’leaching’’ or diffusion in the dough of thiol peptide molecules with reducing power which tends to decrease dough gas retention and has a negative impact dough structure due to excessive extensibility. Moreover, ice crystal formation cause an alteration of individual dough components. The starch granule structure will re-organize, the gluten network will weekend due to S-S bond disruption and the dough will show signs of poor stability negatively impacting loaf volume.

Pre-proofed frozen dough can help alleviate some of these challenges, but this process also has the disadvantages of higher storage cost and shorter frozen shelf life. Freezer-to-oven dough avoids some of these problems but has similar constraints. Other processes, like retarder-to-oven and freezer-to-fryer, are alternatives to better match production and demand at the bake-off location. For each option, bakeries can turn to adapted solutions composed of enzyme-based preparations and specialty bakers yeast to improve dough tolerance and stability during freezing and prevent volume loss and coloration issues during baking.


Lallemand’s Offering

Selected from its well-documented yeast strain collection, Lallemand offers a bakers yeast with a higher trehalose level, allowing to better resist freezing temperature. Our temperature sensitive bakers yeast available as an instant dried yeast product (Instaferm® 09) allows for a  greater tolerance to freezer temperature.

Lallemand also offers a clean-label enzyme-based baking solution developed to improve moistness, freshness, cohesiveness of pastry products and prolong their fresh qualities throughout storage. Our enzyme-based dough conditioners Essential® GR 1620 WW and Essential® FSA 2013 can help to strengthen the dough and improve loaf volume.


Benefits of Lallemand Baking Solutions

  • Improve gas retention
  • Improve dough stability and tolerance
  • Improve loaf volume


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