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Clean Label Enzyme Solutions

Baked goods your customers dream of without ingredient names they can’t pronounce

As consumers are getting more educated, reading labels, comparing prices, they are demanding “clean label” products, bakeries need to remove chemical sounding ingredients

Lallemand Baking Solutions can help bakeries overcome this challenge. Our enzyme-based products from our Essential® dough improvers portfolio are designed to replace emulsifiers like DATEM, oxidants like azodicarbonamide (ADA) and calcium peroxideand, and reduce gluten without impacting your dough strength. Learn more on how to get rid of the unfriendly label ingredients, and at the same time enhance product quality, improve production tolerance and extend shelf life by watching this video


Lallemand Baking offers solutions based on the synergies between pure and matrix encapsulated enzymes in combination with ascorbic acid to replace emulsifiers and oxidants like azodicarbonamide (ADA) and calcium peroxide.

The functionality of these emulsifiers and oxidants, like the development-, firmness-, process- and fermentation tolerance of the dough, results in a better volume, shape, crumb texture, softness and moistness of the final bread can’t be replaced with one single enzyme.

For more information about our clean label solutions, have a look at our Brands.