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Essential® Enzymes EMEA

Enzyme-based products formulated without artificial additives or preservatives

These innovative blends effectively replace less label-friendly ingredients and fast-acting oxidizers, elevating their functionality while promoting a cleaner, more sustainable label. Discover their benefits and how these baking solutions can be your innovation.




We carefully selected our Essential® enzymes to create our unique enzyme-based solutions. They are designed to be naturally tolerant and avoid overdosing.


All our Essential® enzyme-based baking solutions are

  • Designed for convenience, ease of use and dosing in replacing the functionality of less label friendly ingredients and fast acting oxidizers.
  • Can be used to improve dough machinability, conditioning, strengthening and stability.
  • When used appropriately, they can also contribute significant time, energy and water savings, extend shelf-life and minimize waste management.

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Product Performance Index

Essential® Product Performance Index provides a comprehensive assessment of a product’s functionality, quality, and efficiency, helping you make informed decisions.

Essential® Enzymes EMEA products

Essential® Total

Essential® Total are general-purpose bread improvers to produce the whole spectrum of fermented products. Available for a wide range of applications.  A clean-label enzyme-based complete dough conditioner developed for process optimization, improving dough stability and machinability. These enzyme preparations are specifically designed to provide an easy-to-dose, convenient dough conditioning solution to replace the functionality of less-friendly ingredients and fast-acting oxidizers.

Essential® Soft

Essential® Soft are crumb softeners and enhancers suitable for a wide range of bread applications. Available for crumb softness as well as improved crumb texture.  Enzyme-based bread softener developed to improve initial crumb softness and extend shelf-life throughout storage. Essential® Soft enzyme-based dough conditioners improve the crumb softness and resilience you can feel from day 1 to 10, but there is more.

Essential® Pastry, GR & ER

Essential® Specialties are add-ons for particular purposes, like replacing emulsifiers and gluten, or for pastry applications.  Essential Pastry Improve the volume and overall appearance of puff pastry and laminated dough. Essential GR Reduce added gluten levels in whole wheat and whole grain bread by enhancing the functionality of gluten. Essential ER Emulsifier replacement solutions are designed to replace DATEM, SSL, and mono- and diglycerides.
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