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Sugar Management Solution

Reduce the amount of added sugar and improve yeast stability in low or no sugar formulations

More and more consumers are looking for substituted sugar or unsweetened products. Unfortunately, sugar is not easy to replace as it plays many important functions in the bread making process. It serves as food for the yeast by providing a source of carbohydrates for yeast fermentation. It contributes sweetness to finished products and can also help mask the bitterness often associated to higher fiber products such as whole wheat and multigrain bread. Sugar also contributes to crust coloration and may increase shelf life.

Lallemand Baking offers a solution which can create a competitive advantage for bakeries while help them better manage the sugar level in their formulations. Our Essential® FSA enzyme-based dough conditioner can be used to reduce the amount of added sugar and to improve yeast stability in low or no sugar formulations.


Application Guide

Learn more on how to optimize your production process and obtain quality Keto/Zero or Low Net Carb products

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Benefits of Lallemand Baking Essential® FSA Solution

  • Accelerate fermentation and proofing time
  • Stabilize and maximize gas production in low sugar applications
  • Improve loaf volume, sweetness and crust coloration in reduced or low sugar applications
  • Reduce usage of simple sugars (HFCS, sucrose, honey, molasses, brown sugar)
  • Reduce yeast usage in formulations containing high levels of sugar and of calcium propionate


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