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Schwarzenbach plant

Lallemand Baking Yeast Production Plant in Schwarzenbach:

The Schwarzenbach an der Saale plant in northern Bavaria was founded in 1862 as the Giegold yeast factory and is considered the oldest yeast factory in Bavaria.

The family company, which was previously owned by the Giegold – Pöhlmann family, has developed into the third largest and technologically leading yeast producer in Germany within four generations by the end of the 1990s.

At the end of 1999, an alliance was concluded with Harmer Hefe GmbH (since March 2006 Lallemand GmbH), an Austrian family company in Vienna. For this purpose, the joint venture company Hagold Hefe GmbH, based in Vienna, was founded and a branch was established in Schwarzenbach an der Saale.

From February 2007 Lallemand GmbH was the sole shareholder of Hagold Hefe GmbH. Another joint venture was then concluded in February 2018, this time with Deutsche Hefewerke GmbH with its plant in Nuremberg. Since then, the company has been operating under the name Lallemand-DHW GmbH with the two German locations.


The Schwarzenbach site today

Since November 1999, the site has been the first yeast factory in Europe to operate an integrated management system in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000 (quality management system) and DIN EN ISO 14001: 2005 (environmental management system).

In November 2006 certification according to IFS (International Food Standard) took place. The International Food Standard builds on the existing ISO quality management system and focuses on the area of ​​hygiene (personnel and production hygiene) as well as the detailed implementation and documentation of the associated HACCP concept (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point – hazard analysis and management of critical control points.

A certification according to IFS is regarded as the implementation of one of the most demanding standards in the food industry and places the highest demands on hygiene standards and the entire process from the manufacturer to the processing company. The legal requirements of food law and the Codex Alimentarius are used as the basis.

The central location in the heart of Europe and the good economic conditions in Upper Franconia have led to the fact that this production facility has been expanded since mid-2001 with considerable investment.


Research and Development

Research and development today must provide the answers to tomorrow’s questions. Well-founded knowledge of yeast technology and a high level of knowledge in technology and science are the prerequisites for new paths in the “high-tech industry” yeast.

Lallemand’s in-house research is carried out in 14 of its own special laboratories around the world. This is complemented by external research in form of joint projects in universities in North America and Europe.



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