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Softness and Freshkeeping Solutions

For happier consumers enjoying, fresh, flavorful bakery products

Consumers want ever fresh, flavorful bread made with clean label ingredients – Not just at the moment of purchase but also during storage at home. Stale bread, buns and cakes have less aroma, a crumblier crumb, and are therefore less accepted by the consumer. Stale bread is the cause of a significant amount of bread returns and waste.

Lallemand’s range of baking solutions will help you keep your bread fresher, longer, reducing waste for a more sustainable food cycle. Learn more on our bakery solutions by watching this video:


Lallemand is committed to continuous innovation of our yeast, bacteria and enzyme technology.

Our Essential® range of enzymes can deliver extraordinary resilience along with the desired softness in your bakery products.

Our Florapan® range of aromatic yeast contributes a longer fresh taste and prevents the development of that stale smell.

For more information about our clean label solutions, have a look at our Brands.