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Clean Label

As consumers continue to alter their perception of what constitutes health and seek simpler sounding ingredients, so suppliers are aiming for a cleaner label.

Lallemand Baking’ assortment contains dough conditioner solutions to clean up bread labels. Next to that Lallemand Baking offers solutions to replace artificial flavors.

Lallemand Baking offers solutions based on the synergies between pure and matrix encapsulated enzymes in combination with ascorbic acid to replace emulsifiers and oxidants like azodicarbonamide (ADA) and calcium peroxide.

The functionality of these emulsifiers and oxidants, like the development-, firmness-, process- and fermentation tolerance of the dough, results in a better volume, shape, crumb texture, softness and moistness of the final bread can’t be replaced with one single enzyme.

For more information about our clean label solutions, have a look at our Brands.