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Sweet Dough Solutions

Sweet Dough Formulation Optimization Using the Right Bakers Yeast and Dough Conditioners

When bakers yeast is used in sweet goods and pastries in formulas containing 10% to 25% sugar, its activity can be inhibited. Indeed in sweet dough systems (e.g. high buns, donuts, Danish), yeast is exposed to high concentrations of sugar, creating osmotic stress on yeast cells. To balance off this osmotic pressure, yeast will release water, slowing down its metabolism and hence, its fermentative performance.


Lallemand’s Offering

Selected from its well-documented yeast strain collection, Lallemand offers a bakers yeast with a lower invertase activity, allowing to reduce the osmotic pressure as less sucrose are being converted to simple sugars (e.g. sucrose and glucose). Our osmotically-resistant bakers yeast available fresh (Lal^Ferm® No. 2) and instant dried (Instaferm® 02) allows for a  greater sugar tolerance and better fermentation performance.

Lallemand also offers a clean-label enzyme-based baking solution developed to improve moistness, freshness, cohesiveness of pastry products and prolong their fresh qualities throughout storage. Essential® Soft Pastry 1418 gives better volume and shape with a superior final texture, providing a crumb which is smoother to swallow and more pleasant to chew.


Benefits of Lallemand Baking Solutions

  • Maximize gas production to accelerate fermentation and proofing time, and improve loaf volume in high sugar applications
  • Reduce yeast usage in formulations containing high levels of sugar
  • Natural, clean label solution to replace mono- and diglycerides in pastry applications.
  • Retard staling and improve crumb moisture throughout shelf-life, providing distribution cost savings and reduced waste/returns


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