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Dough Development Solutions

Achieve proper dough development with clean label enzyme-based dough strengtheners and inactive yeast 

In the bread making process, proper development of the dough is a critical step to ensure good machinability throughout production and get an optimal proof height and oven spring. It can be achieved with the use of clean label dough development solutions such as dough strengtheners and reducing agents.

Proper dough development can be achieved using Essential enzyme solutions and will pro extra dough strength and replace traditional chemical dough strengtheners. Our Fermaid glutahione-rich inactive yeast can be used to improve dough extensibility and machinability, reducing dough resistance and mix times; this reducing agent have been proven to effectively replace chemical reducing agents such as L-cysteine and sulfites.


Learn more about how our solutions can be used to reduce mix time, as well as to achieve good dough development and pan flow for good bread volume and a more uniform crumb and crust coloration

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Benefits of Lallemand Baking Dough Development Solutions

  • Speed-up gluten network development, increase output, and save on energy & water cooling capacity
  • Reduce mix time by 20% and improve dough consistency
  • Improve dough strength and stability, with possible costs savings by increasing gluten functionality and reducing added gluten by 20-50% depending on the application
  • Reduce dough tearing, snap back & ovalization, minimize break & shred lines, provide a more uniform crust color
  • Improve bread volume and give a more uniform final crumb
  • Replace chemical emulsifiers such as DATEM, SSL and mono- and diglycerides and reducing agents such as L-cysteine hydrochloride


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