Lallemand Baking
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Crusty and special bread application using Fermaid® XTR and Lal^Ferm® products.

Fermaid® XTR is a complete conditioner for improving dough stability, machinability, loaf volume, crumb structure, and softness of various breads produced by different processes. Fermaid® XTR can be used in all types of yeast raised bread products like bagels.

A bagel is a bread product, traditionally shaped by hand into the form of a ring from yeasted wheat dough, roughly hand-sized. Bagels are often topped with seeds baked on the outer crust


Name lbs. oz % (bakers percent) kg
Strong Bakers Flour 22 100 10.000
Fermaid®XTR 2 0.5 0.050
Salt 6 1.7 0.170
Sugar 10.5 3 0.300
Lal^Ferm® Fresh Bakers Yeast 3.5 1 0.100
Liquid Malt 7 2 0.200
Oil 3.5 1 0.100
Water ± 16 54 5.400


  1. Mix all ingredients for 3 minutes on low speed, then 8 minutes on high speed or until dough is fully developed
  2. Cut and shape into desired size
  3. Proof for approximately 1 hour or refrigerate overnight
  4. Bake at 400-420°F / 200-215°C for 12-15 minutes with 15 seconds steam
* Local food regulations should always be consulted with respect to specific applications and necessary declarations. Legislation may vary from country to country.