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Baking Innovation Centers


­Capitalizing on more than 100 years of baking experience, from our core fermentation-based technologies and scientific knowledge, we manufacture ingredients and continuously improve and expand our portfolio. We deliver baking solutions in record time to ensure your commercial success.


Lallemand keeps on growing its network of Baking Innovation Center that now comprises 3 research and development laboratories and 5 baking application development facilities around the world where we can showcase our expertise in yeasts – liquid, fresh or dry – and bacteria, as well as in baking ingredients, including bread improvers, dough conditioners, bromate substitutes in a whole range of new applications for different segments of the bakery market.

Breda, Netherlands
Baking Innovation Center focusing on bakery application development equipped with sophisticated proofing boxes and ovens with the ability to imitate any climate and bakery conditions around the world.

Lallemand Baking Innovation Center, The Netherlands

Setubal, Portugal
Baking Innovation Center focusing on product application development.

Lallemand Baking Innovation Center, Setubal, Portugal

Tallinn, Estonia
R&D Laboratory focusing on sensory evaluation and research on yeast-derived bioactive compounds (Competence Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies).

Montréal, Canada

  • R&D Laboratory focusing on the optimization of yeast production processes (National Research Council).
  • Baking Innovation Center focusing on product application development and training.

Lallemand Baking Innovation Center, Anjou, Montreal

Lebanon, USA
R&D Laboratory focusing on molecular biology of yeast.

Cuautitlán, Mexico
Baking Innovation Center focusing on product application development.

Johannesburg, South Africa
Anchor Bakery Training Centre dispensing baking skills programs accredited by FoodBev SETA.

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