Organic Yeast

The organic market is one of the fastest-growing food sectors in the world: fueled by an increasing demand for healthy and more natural food and a growing respect to the environment. By using organic yeast, producers are able to effectively tap into this growing, high-value market.

At Lallemand Baking we can support bakeries wanting to service the organic market. In our certified organic yeast production facilities we put in action our robust expertise, gained over a century of yeast manufacturing experience, to ensure that our organic bakers yeast behaves at the highest standards of quality. 

Organic Yeast Production 

Organic foods are produced without the use of synthetic ingredients, including chemical pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics, bio-engineering, or ionizing radiation. Organic crops are produced by farmers who emphasize sustainable farming methods, use renewable resources and promote soil and water conservation. Organic certified yeast means that it was grown by fermentation on substrates derived from organic agriculture. 

Yeast needs several nutrients to grow. Besides sugar and nitrogen, it also requires vitamins and minerals. In organic yeast production, these nutrients are provided by organic plant-derived ingredients such as molasses, cereals, or leguminous crops. 

EC NO 834/2007 & 889/2008  

The following detailed rules must be followed for the production of organic  baker’s yeast: 

  • Organic substrates must be used, with a maximum of 5% conventional yeast extract 
  • For regulating pH, citric and lactic acid, sodium carbonate, and calcium chloride may be used 
  • Gases for packaging must be nitrogen, oxygen, or carbon dioxide 
  • For greasing and antifoaming, only vegetable oil maybe used 

Through careful processing and a growing phase longer than that of conventional yeast, a high quality and well performing organic yeast can be produced. 

At Lallemand Baking we can provide baker’s with their need of organic yeast in different forms: cream, fresh as well as dry yeast.  

Our organic dry yeast needs to be rehydrated prior to use it in a dough: