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Bacillus subtilis Rosell-179 for Baking

Our proprietary spore probiotic, Bacillus subtilis Rosell-179 benefits from a long safe-track record history of more than 35 years in the market, with more than 100 post-market clinical trials published. In addition, Lallemand has enlarge the scientific knowledge on B. subtilis Rosell-179 by conducting several research and clinical studies supporting its safety and health benefits. Holding no virulent factors in its genome, this bacterium effectively supports a considerably range of clinically documented health benefits, including gut and immune health. As a support to gut health, B. subtilis Rosell-179 has been shown to contribute to the inhibition of intestinal pathogens and maintenance of the overall intestinal microbiota. Moreover, B. subtilis Rosell-179 has also shown to support the prevention and treatment of symptoms related to several intestinal disorders such as on Irritable Bowel Syndrome, as well as to assist in obesity control, plant protein digestion and cholesterol reduction.

B. subtilis Rosell-179 is an extraordinary bacteria because it can produce a highly resistant and dormant cell known as spore. The spore is the most resistance cell form known being able to resist to several environmental challenges, such as heat, high pressure, radiation and the gut environment. Because spores can survive in conditions which otherwise would kill other probiotics, the use of spore probiotic has increased worldwide. For its unique features, B. subtilis Rosell-179 is a top of mind probiotic when considering addition of probiotics in baked goods.

Successful baking applications confirm the resistant aspect of B.subtilis Rosell-179.  Whether in various types of breads (pan bread, buns, flatbreads, pitas….), added into the dough or sprayed after cooling, we have very good survival results opening the door to the idea of healthy breads with probiotics as well as fibers, prebiotics, vitamins and minerals, healthy grains.

We want to be part of the future of food. We welcome the chance to share with you our experience and see how we can support your projects.

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