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New Product: Florapan Intense

Salt (sodium chloride) plays an important role in enhancing and developing flavor in food. It is not surprising that it is one of the most important ingredients in the kitchen and used globally. Several studies demonstrate that an excessive sodium intake is associated with multiple human health risks including hypertension, cardiovascular diseased and increased risk of stroke. Because of the health concerns, governments more and more impose legislation to reduce sodium intake. Therefore consumers are actively looking for low sodium foods products. This results often in less appetizing food products in comparison to the normal version. In baking, lowering salt in a formulation can also affects dough properties, weakens the gluten network, affects crust color and lead to faster fermentation since there is less inhibition of yeast.

With its new solution, Lallemand Baking provides industrial bakeries with the opportunity to reduce the sodium content in bread applications and to enhance and balance existing flavors. Florapan® Intense is a complete solution for flavor enhancement and sodium reduction to 30% – 40% in bread applications. The solution is a combination of specific inactive yeast and dried wheat sourdough, which is naturally acidified with sourdough bacteria.

At the specific dosage (1 – 1,5%) on flour weight, Florapan® Intense will:

  • Balance and enhance existing bread flavor
  • Allow a reduction of salt in bread formulations
  • Contribute roasted, salty flavor notes

Different combinations of flavor & aroma in the baking process leads to different taste interactions. Lallemand Baking can develop a customized solution that meets your needs.

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