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Essential GR 1620 for Gluten Reduction

Many bread dough formulations contain 1-2% (baker’s percent) vital wheat gluten. This ingredient is used at  to improve dough strength for processing and to ensure that proper volume, shape and size are achieved in the finished baked loaf. In multigrain and wheat bread formulations, or any other types of bread with bran and fiber, gluten dosage can go up as high as 20%.

The COVID pandemic has created a unique transient gluten shortage situation in certains regions of North America due to shortage of containers to transport the product into North America. Consequently, supplies have not been equally available for all North American bakeries.

For bakeries struggling to source their gluten, Lallemand Baking has developed a new enzyme-based solution. Natural and clean label, Essential GR 1620 is a dough strengthener that can be used to reduce gluten usage in whole wheat and whole grain bread by enhancing gluten functionality. Depending on the application, our product allows a gluten reduction of 20-50% in high fiber bread formulations.This solution will also allow bakeries to improve dough stability while reducing mix time, increases gluten functionality in frozen dough.

Please contact us to learn more about this great enzyme-based gluten reduction solution.

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