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Essential® Enzymes

Clean label enzyme-based baking solutions for tolerance, performance and overall baking quality

The trend towards natural ingredients continues to build momentum. Today’s consumers are more label-sensitive than ever before, and government and regulatory groups are acting to restrict or limit the use of many ingredients.




Our portfolio of Essential® solutions is composed of proprietary enzyme-based blends formulated without any artificial additives or preservatives and with built-in tolerance to avoid overdosing.


All our Essential® enzyme-based baking solutions are

  • Designed for convenience, ease of use and dosing in replacing the functionality of less label friendly ingredients and fast acting oxidizers.
  • Can be used to improve dough machinability, conditioning, strengthening and stability.
  • When used appropriately, they can also contribute significant time, energy and water savings, extend shelf-life and minimize waste management.

Essential® Enzymes products

Essential® Total

Enzyme-based complete dough conditioner developed for process optimization, improving dough stability and machinability

Essential® ER

Enzyme-based emulsifier replacer developed for direct replacement of DATEM, SSL and mono- and diglycerides

Essential® STR

Enzyme-based dough strengthener to replace chemical emulsifiers and fast acting oxidants

Essential® Soft

Enzyme-based bread softener developed to improve initial crumb softness and prolong product fresh qualities throughout storage
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