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How to select the right enzyme to achieve desired baking results

Sep 7, 2020

Enzymes act as biocatalysts, speeding up chemical reactions and are remarkably versatile. They can also replace chemical additives while providing the desired effect. Technology today allows enzymes to be developed with specific activities and produced to deliver the exact level of functionality required. Most often, the perfect solution for a given application will be an enzyme blend tailored to fit formula and process needs.

Lallemand’s expertise in fermentation and enzymes can fix your bakery formulation challenges from process efficiency and dough strengthening, to clean label solutions and extending bread/baked goods shelf life.

According to “Enzymes for Every Baking Solution,” a new report from Lallemand Baking, the need for process efficiency — reducing mix time and improving dough tolerance — is often the main reason for bakers to turn to enzymes. But there are many more roles enzymes can take

Click here to read more about the roles that enzymes can take and how to achieve your desired baking results.


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