Lallemand Baking is a supplier of baker’s yeast and baking solutions for more than 100 years. As a world-class producer of quality baker’s yeast and a provider of innovative baking solutions with outstanding expert technical support, we are dedicated and passionate about:  

  •  Delivering quality products and services to industrial and artisanal bakery customers 
  • Contributing to your success through collaborative efforts 
  • Bringing you a tailored customer experiences
  • Becoming long-term baking supply chain partners 
  • Our evolutionary mindset of driving customer value by providing innovative baking solutions. 

We produce food, and quality food cannot be achieved without food safety. Lallemand Baking is committed to the production of safe, quality, and compliant food ingredients for the industries we supply. As a world-class producer of yeast products and baking ingredients, we spare no efforts to meet and exceed our markets’ expectations. Quality and food safety provide the foundation for sustainable business growth throughout all our operations, including distribution, storage, and transportation. We, our families, and friends are consumers of our products. We are proud to contribute to Raising Baking Standards every day. 

With our global team of baking experts focused on industrial baking processes, we deliver customer tailored baking solutions based on our own fermentation and enzyme technologies and driven by consumer insights and application knowledge. We are flexible, responsive and understand your business. Our Innovation by Application driven process focuses on delivering a solution that matches your needs and delivers value to you and your customers.