Baker's Yeast

Our yeast legacy brings excellence and innovation, tracing back to our founder, Fred Lallemand, who initiated baker’s yeast production in 1923 in Montreal, Canada. Today, our dedicated team of experts continues to explore novel approaches, enhancing our yeast and ensuring superior service for our valued customers.

Baker’s yeast serves as a crucial leavening agent in baking bread and other bakery products. Within the dough, it converts fermentable sugars into carbon dioxide, a small amount of ethanol, and aromatic compounds. Beyond leavening, baker’s yeast contributes to the nutritional value, taste, and texture of baked goods.

Lallemand Baking Mastering Fermentation

Lallemand Baking has been perfecting yeast fermentation for many years. Our robust expertise ensures that bakers’ yeast meets the highest quality standards.

Our solutions cater to industrial bakers, providing versatility and enhancing various aspects of baking processes.

Lallemand Baking tailors yeast options to industrial bakers’ specific needs:

  • Cream Yeast: Ideal for industrial processes.
  • Compressed/Crumbled Yeast: Versatile and easy to handle.
  • Dry Yeast: Convenient and widely used in industrial installations.

To understand how yeast is grown and processed, watch this enlightening video on The Art of Fermentation: Yeast Production.

Initially all baker’s yeast starts out as ‘cream yeast’. This is a form of yeast where the yeast cells are suspended in a liquid solution.

Our cream yeast system is suitable for automated, high-volume bakeries.

Lallemand Baking Cream Yeast offers:

  • convenience and accurate, consistent dosing for automated baking processes
  • better dispersion in the dough
  • high levels of hygiene with less handling
  • sustainability benefits, with no packaging and waste


Compressed and Crumble yeast is processed one step further than cream yeast. Compressed yeast is characterized by a high moisture content and is compressed into a block. Crumble yeast refers to a form of yeast that is broken down into small, granular pieces. These forms of yeast are suitable for baking across all bakeries.

The Lallemand Baking Compressed/Crumble yeast offers:

    • ease of use
    • consistent quality
    • easy handling and scaling

Lal^Ferm® is our global brand for fresh yeast.

Instant yeast is a form of yeast in which the yeast cells are dehydrated into granules. The yeast remains dormant in this dry format and activated when in contact with moisture during mixing.

The Lallemand Baking Instant Yeast offers:

  • ease of transportation and storage – no refrigeration required.
  • convenience and easy handling

Instaferm® is our global dry yeast brand.

Lallemand Baking also offer baker’s yeast solutions for your specific applications: lean dough, sweet dough, pizza, frozen products and more.

Discover our specialty baker's yeast

A natural source of vitamin D
VitaD Yeast 

The same baker's yeast quality. Our organic baker's yeast is ideal for all your natural products.
Organic Yeast 

Our osmotically-resistant baker's yeast allows for a  greater sugar tolerance and better fermentation performance
Osmotolerant Yeast 
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