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Non-GMO Yeast

What’s the deal with GMOs?

Before we can talk about Non GMO Yeast we first need to explain what GMO means – genetically modified organisms.

A GMO is a seed or plant that is created by merging the DNA or genes from different species in a way that does not happen in nature.

Proponents of the GMO movement maintain that GMO crops are safe to eat, more nutritious, strictly regulated, environmentally beneficial, and an aid in addressing world hunger. However, GMO crops have raised many questions about consumer and environmental safety.

GMOs in the food chain

There are a number of crop strains that have, at some point, been bio-engineered and are therefore, deemed to be at risk of being GMO: alfalfa, canola, corn, cotton, flax, oil, papaya, rice, soy, sugar beets, yellow summer squash, and zucchini.

While baking ingredients such as wheat flour, rice, kamut, and oats and yeast are not genetically modified, many packaged breads and bakery items contain other GMO ingredients such as corn syrup, soy flour, and sugar from sugar beets.

Non GMO Yeast Testing & Traceability

Lallemand has been providing our bakers with Non-GMO bakers yeast for the over 90 years. In light of the recent raise in public awareness, consumers wanting to make informed food choices, testing our bakers yeast for GMO’s was the first priority for Lallemand to assure our customers peace of mind knowing our bakers yeast is truly GMO free.

We voluntarily implemented mandatory GMO testing for all of our bakers yeast. To reassure our customers that their bread can be completely free from GMO each and every lot of yeast is tested for both quality and genetic composition.


BioChecked Non GMO Certified

Every year our products are tested by BioChecked™, an independent Third Party, to make sure our bakers yeast met or exceed Non Genetically Engineered Certified™ Standards.

Lallemand bakers yeast produced in North America can therefore display with honor the logo :

  • Eagle® liquid, fresh bakers yeast (cream, crumbled and compressed)
  • Instaferm® Instant dry bakers yeast


Non-GMO Project (NGP) Verification 

With the increasing consumer demand for non-GMO products in North America, raw material suppliers who want to be part of this initiative are requested to provide non-GMO products.

Although Lallemand’s bakers yeast products are not made from genetically modified organisms, we have taken the extra step in order to meet the more stringent Non-GMO Project Verified standards. The Non-GMO Project is definitely the strictest Non-GMO certification program currently available. The standard goes beyond the absence of genetically modified DNA, and investigates the processes used to prepare all substrates, inputs and processing aids used to produce the yeast.

After a thorough preparation with the objective to support the increasing demand of its North American customers, Lallemand offers:

  • NGP verified cream yeast commercialized under the brand name USA Yeast®
  • NGP verified fresh compressed bakers yeast under the brand name Eagle®