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Dough conditioners for tolerance, performance and overall baking quality


Product Description

The trend towards natural ingredients continues to build momentum. Today’s consumers are more label-sensitive than ever before, and government and regulatory groups are acting to restrict or limit the use of many ingredients.

The Essential® Dough Condtioners line can be used for preparation of clean-label products.

* Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims allowed in all regions.


The enzyme-based solutions of the Essential® line can deliver various functionalities to help bakers:

  • enhance their product quality
  • improve tolerance, performance and overall baking quality
  • increase shelf life
  • reduce mix-time/dough relaxers
  • adapt product texture
  • improve consistency in production
  • remove ingredients that may not be considered label friendly
  • deliver reduction in costs

Essential® products

Essential® CL

Multi-functional clean label solutions

Essential® ER

Enzyme-based emulsifier replacers / reducers

Essential® PBR

Enzyme-based potassium bromate replacers for conventional and frozen dough

Essential® SOFT

Shelf-life extenders / softeners
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