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Gluten Reduction Solution

Reduce the Addition of Vital Wheat Gluten & Maintain Good Dough Strength

As wheat flour protein content tends to vary from year to year, bakeries may need to compensate by adding wheat gluten to their formulations. In multigrain and whole wheat bread, the bran and the grains, as well as other abrasive ingredients, will cut and damage the protein structure during mixing. To compensate, Vital wheat gluten levels higher than usual are often added to the formula. In most bread formulations, vital wheat gluten is used at 1-2% (baker’s percent) to improve dough machinability. In multigrain and whole wheat formulations, as well as in formulations with added bran and fiber, gluten dosage can go up to 12% or more.

The market for Vital wheat gluten has been volatile over the past recent years. Fair market value is hard to determine but it is reasonable to say that the price of this important dough strengthening ingredient has more than doubled in the last years. When gluten price is soaring like such, higher usage of added gluten may become cost prohibitive or significantly impact product margins and affect the level of profitability level of bakeries.

Lallemand Baking offers a solution which can create a competitive advantage for bakeries while help them achieve good quality loaves. Bakeries can expect significant total processing savings based on overall cost of ingredients. Our Essential® GR enzyme-based dough strengtheners can be used to reduce added gluten levels in whole wheat and whole grain bread by enhancing the functionality of gluten.


Application Guide and Video

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Benefits of Lallemand Baking Essential® GR Solution

  • Gluten reduction of 20-50% depending on the application
  • Improve dough strength and stability
  • Increase gluten functionality
  • Improve bread volume and achieve a more uniform final crumb


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