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Solutions For Every Bake

May 26, 2020


Consumers will gravitate to foods with lower sugar content. Fortunately, most bread and roll products are naturally low in sugar. The 3% to 5%* sugar in their formulas will be largely utilized by bakers yeast during proofing. However, when bakers yeast is used in sweet goods and pastries in formulas containing 10% to 25% sugar, its activity can be inhibited as the sugar exerts osmotic pressure on yeast cells. Thankfully, Lallemand was able to select, from its well-documented yeast strain collection, a bakers yeast with greater sugar tolerance. This bakers yeast is available fresh (Lal^Ferm® No. 2) and instant dried (Instaferm® Gold).


Able to meet the latest food trends, all Lallemand bakers yeasts are non-GMO and have been so for the last 90 years. Every year our products are tested by BioChecked™, an independent third party, and although Lallemand’s bakers yeast products are not made from genetically modified organisms, we have taken the extra step to meet the more stringent Non-GMO Project Verified standards.

Consumers have a growing interest in the quality, health and environment aspects of their food and nutrition choices, and more recently, demand has grown for organic products. Lallemand Baking introduced a variety of organic bakers yeast products to help manufacturers of bread and baked goods meet the consumers’ drive for more organic products.

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