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Pound Cake

Industrial cake application based on a Best Bake®  Enzymatic performance block for cake.

Do-Cake A10 is an enzyme based performance block for non-aerated cake products like pound cake and muffins. Do-Cake A10 will give improved softness and moistness, finer crumb and higher volume. Dosage is 0,010% on batter weight.

Information provided is only standard guidelines. Calculations are approximate; the proposed recipes and directions might need to be adjusted to suite other ingredients brands, equipment and bakery’s conditions.

Our Technical Support Team can help you customize the dosage for your own formulation.



Name lbs. oz % (bakers percent) kg
Butter 5.5 25 2.5
Sugar 5.5 25 2.5
Egg 5.5 25 2.5
Cake flour 5.5 25 2.5
Double acting baking powder 0.15 0.7 0.070 (70 gram)
Best Bake® Do-Cake A10 0.0022 0.01 0.001 (1.0 gram)


  • Bring all ingredients to room temperature
  • Mix all ingredients for 2 minutes at slow speed using a planetary mixer paddle
  • Scrape bowl by hand and mix 2 minutes at slow speed
  • Scale 240 grams (0.53 lbs.)
  • Bake 50 minutes at 320°F / 160°C

Yield: 40 cakes

* Local food regulations should always be consulted with respect to specific applications and necessary declarations. Legislation may vary from country to country.