Mold Inhibitors

Natural mold inhibitors and technology to extend bread shelf-life.

In the bakery industry, managing mold and staleness is vital for ensuring product safety, maintaining profit margins, and reducing food waste. Extending the shelf life of baked goods is essential for consistent supply and quality, which in turn supports profitability.  

While chemical preservatives have traditionally been used to prevent mold, there is a shift towards natural mold inhibitors that align with the clean-label trend. These natural alternatives are versatile and can be used in a variety of products, such as bread, muffins, and cookies, to maintain freshness and food safety. They are particularly effective in whole wheat, multigrain, and artisan breads.  

For industrial bakeries that produce packaged bread, extending the duration of mold-free freshness is crucial to prevent the distribution of bread that has become unsavory due to microbial contamination. 

Lallemand Baking offers a variety of natural solutions designed to prolong the freshness of bread. These solutions can be utilized independently or alongside other mold-preventing agents, such as Calcium propionate and lactic or citric acids, to enhance the longevity of bread products.