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Baking with Probiotics

Aug 13, 2020

Most probiotics being heat-sensitive; they are therefore often added to baked goods after the baking process to ensure their viability. This is done in two ways:

  • Sprayed-on probiotic formulas which can be added to the product at the last step before packaging.
  • Integrated into an icing or frosting or filling added at the end of the baking process.

Although these methods are all good ways to add probiotics, there is undoubtedly an advantage in adding the probiotic directly into the product during dough preparation. This would not only eliminated the need for an added step at the end of the process, it would also ensure a more uniform distribution of the microorganisms. In addition, with this method, probiotics can also be added to a greater variety of baked goods, whether sweet or savory. In order for a probiotic to be successfully integrated into the baking process, certain characteristics and conditions must be met.

The strain of microorganism used must be safe, remain stable throughout the production process as well as throughout the product’s shelf-life, and not interfere with the inherent qualities of the product.

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