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Dough Development Solutions

Clean label enzyme-based strengtheners and inactive yeast reducing agents for proper dough development

In the bread making process, proper development of the dough is a critical step. It ensures good machinability throughout production, optimum proofing capacity and oven spring. It can be achieved with the use of clean label dough strengtheners and reducing agents and result in a finished product with a more uniform crumb structure and a desirable, appealing appearance. With Lallemand’s expertise extending from bakers yeast and sourdough bacteria fermentation to enzyme technology solutions, bakers can improve their process and product quality while keeping a clean label.


Dough strengthening with emulsifiers, such as SSL (sodium stearoyl lactylate) and DATEM (diacetyl tartaric acid ester of mono and diglycerides) is essential to ensure the proper development of the Gluten Matrix. But as consumers are growing more educated about the individual components of bread and expect simpler ingredient lists, bakers must rely on enzymes to optimize their gluten network development. Dough development using Essential enzyme solutions provides extra dough strength and replaces traditional chemical dough strengtheners.

Proper dough relaxation is another element indispensable to ensure good dough development and prevent shrinkage. It provides the dough with enough extensibility to ensure good pan flow and perfectly shaped bun or pan bread, and to ease the dividing of the dough to prevent rupturing/damaging of baked goods with fillings. Therefore, reducing agent are normally added to the formula, but to keep it ‘’clean’’ bakers can use Fermaid glutahione-rich inactive yeast to improve dough extensibility and machinability, reducing dough resistance and mix times. This reducing agent have been proven to effectively replace chemical reducing agents such as L-cysteine and sulfites.

Lallemand Baking provides knowledge and expertise and works alongside our bakery partners to deliver dough development solutions that work and deliver on the clean label challenge. For more information, have a look at our Brands.