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Introducing our New Florapan A20

Lallemand Baking is proud to introduce Florapan® A20 as a new type of Florapan® flavor enhancing aromatic yeast.

Florapan® A20 provides bakeries with the opportunity to create their own signature artisanal bread flavor to differentiate themselves in the market. Our new solution can be used to enhance the original bread flavor and is perfect to enhance the flavor profile of special breads (rye bread, brioche, Ciabatta). The Florapan® A20 also rounds the flavor of bread, mimicking the flavor profile obtained from a long fermentation process and contributes a more artisanal appearance in the crumb color of the bread.

At the specified dosage (0,5-0,75% / flour weight), Florapan® A20 provides

  • Outstanding artisanal bread flavor
  • Significant effect in straight dough process
  • Results in buttery, malty and olive oil flavor notes

Different combinations of flavor & aroma in the baking process leads to different taste interactions. Lallemand Baking developed a bread flavor wheel of tastes that can be created with our aromatic yeast. If you wish or require another flavor note, Lallemand Baking can develop a customized solution that meets your needs.

More about Florapan® flavor enhancing aromatic yeast

Lallemand Baking works closely with other Lallemand divisions working in the field of Bio-Ingredients, Brewing and Oenology to deliver innovative customized baking solutions. Florapan® flavor enhancing aromatic yeast is able to produce volatile aroma compounds from precursors found in the flour, revealing enhanced taste & aroma characteristics, mouthfeel and freshness of the baked product.
Florapan® flavor enhancing aromatic yeast can serve as a natural replacer for artificial flavors. It also ensures a longer shelf life by increasing the freshness appearance in flavor and moistness of the baked product. Our products are applicable in a straight dough method, sponge or preferment step or an extended proof time method, and can be used in combination with conventional yeast. All solutions are certified as gluten free, vegan, non GMO and clean label.

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