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Fermaid SSR for Mix Time Reduction

Bread dough mixing is more than simply blending the various formula ingredients together.  Proteins contained in bread flour, Gliadin (responsible for the extensibility of the dough) and Glutenin (responsible for the elasticity of the dough), bond together to form Gluten.  The “Gluten Matrix” provides the structural support of the dough system.

Proper dough relaxation is indispensable to ensure proper gluten development and dough machinability, preventing shrinkage and snapback, minimizing the amount of mechanical energy needed to develop the Gluten Matrix. It also provides the dough with enough extensibility to ensure good pan flow and prevent shape defects in final products.

Various reducing agents can be added to formulations, but with today’s consumers growing more educated about the individual ingredients used in bread making and wanting  a cleaner label, bakeries are in need of natural relaxation solutions. Lallemand Baking offers glutathione-rich yeast products which are natural dough relaxers that can be used to replace L-cysteine. Doughs formulated with our Fermaid glutathione-rich yeast products have exceptional extensibility during the make-up process, reducing dough stickiness and preventing dough shrinkage and snapback. When used at the recommended dosage, our Fermaid GSH products can reduce the mixing time by 20% contributing significant savings the bakeries.

Please contact us to learn more about this great yeast-based relaxation solution.

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