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Solution #01 Reducing added sugar levels in formulations

An innovative solution to reduce amount of added sugar while maintaining good bread qualities 

With government legislations evolving and consumers trying to avoid sugar consumption, bakeries are facing the challenge of reducing the amount of added sugar in their formulations. Lallemand Baking has developed a proprietary enzyme-based solution, Essential® FSA 2013, designed to stabilize and maximize gas production in lower sugar doughs or in doughs where no sugar is added. This solution will improve bread volume and give a better crust coloration.

Solution #02 Solutions to Supply Chain Constraints

Clean-label enzyme-based products to replace DATEM, SSL, mono- and diglycerides

To help bakeries face supply and demand constraints, Lallemand Baking has developed the Essential® ER product line; proprietary dough-strengthening and bread-softening clean label enzyme-based solutions that can be used to replace chemical emulsifiers such as DATEM, SSL and mono- and diglycerides without jeopardizing dough stability or crumb softness. Let our Essential® ER product line be your next innovation.

Solution #03 Customized Solutions for Process Optimization and Sustainable Baking

 Improve your process efficiency & save energy for more sustainable baking

Lallemand Baking’s specially developed enzyme system assists bakers in process optimization, bake time reduction, and the creation of a high-end baked product with a lowered environmental impact. This customized solution provides the opportunity for bakeries to meet consumer demand for quality baked goods while meeting new sustainability standards.

Solution #04 Reducing Waste

Extending Bread Fresh Qualities

Stale bread can be the cause of a significant amount of bread waste. To stay fresh, bread needs a balanced dose of softness and resilience. Lallemand Baking offers clean-label bread softeners to help bakeries extend crumb softness throughout their product shelf-life. Our Essential® Soft product line can be used to extend shelf life and reduce stale returns without negatively affecting dough handling qualities, resilience or causing gumminess


We are more than just a Baker’s Yeast Supplier; we are baking Innovators!  Focusing on industrial bakeries, we develop innovative solutions, born from our core fermentation-based knowhow and technologies, for an infinite number of baking applications.

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