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 From baker’s yeast to tailored-made enzymes solutions, we deliver excellence and innovation. To learn more about our showcased products and solutions at iba, please refer to our videos and application guides below. 

1. Essential® Soft

ESSENTIAL® SOFT, bread softeners that are more than just softness.

Enzyme-based bread softener developed to improve initial crumb softness and extend shelf-life throughout storage.

Essential® SOFT enzyme-based dough conditioners improve the crumb softness and resilience you can feel from day 1 to day 10, but that is not all.

Crumb softeners and enhancers, suitable for a wide range of bread applications.

Available in 10 kg bags, with a 0.5% on flour weight dosage rate.


  • Excellent crumb tolerance.
  • Brilliant crumb resilience.
  • Provides good crust color and volume.
  • Delivers better crumb softness, preventing waste and providing significant cost savings.
  • Reduces emulsifiers.

Essential® SOFT:

  • For enhanced crumb softness.
  • Superb softness.

Essential® SOFT PLUS:

  • For enhanced crumb softness and improved crumb texture
  • Ensures fine, smooth crumb texture.

2. Essential® Total

ESSENTIAL® TOTAL, complete solutions for all applications and processes.

A clean-label enzyme-based complete dough conditioner developed for process optimization, improving dough stability and machinability.

These enzyme preparations are specifically designed to provide an easy-to-dose, convenient dough conditioning solution to replace the functionality of less friendly ingredients and fast-acting oxidizers.

General-purpose bread improvers to produce the whole spectrum of fermented products. Available for a wide range of applications.

Offered in 10 kg bags, with a 0,5% on flour weight dosage rate.


  • Enhance loaf volume.
  • Improve crumb structure.
  • Very convenient and easy to use.
  • Can be used in all types of bakery products and most dough systems.
  • Can provide significant cost savings.

Essential® TOTAL:

  • Developed for a wide range of bakery applications.

Essential® TOTAL PLUS:

  • Developed for applications where extra tolerance and machinability are required.

3. BTR

Process optimization to REDUCE BAKE TIME – save on energy and bake more sustainably.

Lallemand Baking offers a customized solution that can create a competitive advantage for bakeries while helping them achieve a more cost-effective and sustainable baking system. Using our tailored-made enzyme system designed for optimized formula and bake time reduction, bakeries can significantly reduce their energy consumption without loss of yield within the bread production process.

Clean Label Enzyme-Based Baking Solution designed for optimized formula and bake time reduction

Proprietary enzyme-based blend formulated with carefully selected enzymes. Provides solutions for built-in tolerance to avoid overdosing and replace less label-friendly ingredients’ functionalities.


  • Reduce bake time by up to 30% and reduce oven energy consumption and water usage.
  • Optimize the production process to improve stability after proofing and during freezing.
  • Increase production output to off set any possible loss in yield.
  • Reduce oven energy consumption and reduce water usage.
  • Better crust formation; more crispy but less flaky after baking.

4. Starter Cultures

Create signature sourdough bread with FLORAPAN® BAKING CULTURES

Lallemand Baking possesses a collection of sourdough strains that allows you to create any style of sourdough bread with consistently high quality.

Easy and economical, our products can be used in one-step fermentation or traditional multiple steps and will provide distinct acidity notes and improved crumb texture.

Made from pure strains of bacteria and yeast, our Florapan® Sourdough Baking cultures help minimize the risk of microorganism mutations and variations, which tend to jeopardize the stability of the fermentation process and negatively impact the consistency of the bread quality.

  • Consistent high sourdough quality
  • Contribute varying degrees of sourdough flavor intensity and acidity.
  • Ensures a more predictable fermentation flavor and timing, delivering successful results in successive production runs.
  • Can be used in a one-step fermentation or in traditional multiple steps for all kinds of sourdough styles (Detmolder-1; 2; or 3-step rye sourdough, French levain, Italian poolish, San Francisco type sourdough)
  • Convenient for industrial liquid fermentation


  • Natural
  • Provide a product with a more consistent sour flavor profile.
  • Clean label.
  • Non-GMO.
  • Gluten-free.
  • Vegetarian/Vegan.


Sourdough Starter

  • Well-balanced lactic/acetic acid profile
  • For a stronger flavor profile
  • Yeast-free baking possible
  • Industrial liquid fermentation systems


Traditional Homofermentative Sourdough Starter

  • High acidity after 12h – 16 hours
  • Mild lactic acid profile
  • Typical Mediterranean profile or Sandwich Bread production

5. Fermaid

FERMAID® Natural dough conditioner improves dough extensibility, machinability and reduces mixing time.

Fermaid® GSH products are natural, clean-label reducing agents made of inactive yeast containing varying levels of glutathione. They can be used as dough relaxers to replace less label-friendly L-cysteine, improve dough machinability and extensibility, prevent dough tearing, shrinkage, and snap back during molding and sheeting, and reduce mixing time.

Fermaid® GSH yeast products can be used in a wide range of bakery applications, including pizza dough, tortillas, baguettes, bread, buns and rolls, pastry dough, laminated dough, bagels, pretzels, Melba toast, rusks, etc.


  • Process: Improves dough extensibility and machinability.
  • Quality: Prevents dough shrinking and snapping back in croissant, Danish pastry, pizza, and tortillas. Optimizes bun shape.
  • Energy savings: reduce mix time by 20%.
  • Ingredient replacement: Clean label L-cysteine replacer.


We are more than just a baker’s yeast supplier; we are baking innovators!  Focusing on industrial bakeries, we develop innovative solutions, born from our core fermentation-based knowhow and technologies, for an infinite number of baking applications.

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