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Florapan® Starter Cultures

Your own signature sourdough bread with Florapan® Starter Cultures

Florapan® Starter cultures are developed to help bakers to secure stable sourdough production. This allows bakers to avoid the complex back-slopping process and go directly to the final sourdough.

Florapan® Starter cultures are based on single cultivated microorganism strains which have been produced under a controlled fermentation process. This pure strain culture approach, composed of lactic acid bacteria, eliminates mutation risks and variations. It ensures consistent and stable fermentation quality repeatedly.

Using Florapan® Starter cultures in a single fermentation step ensures more predictable fermentation flavor and timing, delivering successful results in successive production-runs.

Florapan® Starter cultures and Florapan® Aromatic Yeasts can be combined in sourdough applications.

Benefits During Process

  • Consistent quality for your own made sourdough
    • One step fermentation or traditional multiple steps.
    • All kind of traditional sourdoughs possible: Detmolder-1; 2; or 3-step rye sourdough, French levain, Italian poolish, San Francisco type sourdough etc
    • Industrial liquid fermentation
  • Rustic bread tastes and aromas
  • Easy to use
  • Adaptable to gluten-free products

Bread Quality Benefits

  • Your own signature bread
  • Authentic and artisanal style product type
  • Natural
  • Extended freshness appearance
  • Consistent flavor profile
  • Clean label
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free
  • Kosher certified

Florapan® Starter Cultures products

Florapan® L62K

Sourdough Starter
  • Well-balanced lactic/acetic acid profile
  • For a stronger flavor profile
  • Yeast free baking possible
  • Industrial liquid fermentation systems

Florapan® LA4K

Sourdough Starter
  • Independent and well rounded flavor
  • Right ratio of acetic to lactic acid in a single step fermentation
  • Developed for a broad application: rye sourdough, French levain, Italian polish, Portugese fermento
  • Controlled and safe fermentation process
  • Adjusted to industrial liquid fermentation systems

Florapan® L77K

Fast Acting Homofermentative Sourdough Starter
  • Fast fermentation, highest acidity value already after 5-6h
  • Improve dough rheology
  • Mild lactic acid profile, no acetic acid
  • No overflowing: limited gas production

Florapan® L73K

Traditional Homofermentative Sourdough Starter
  • High acidity after 12h – 16 hours
  • Mild lactic acid profile
  • Typical Mediterranean profile or Sandwich Bread production
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