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Clean label dough conditioner to improve dough extensibility, machinability and reduce mixing requirements

Fermaid® GSH products are natural, clean label reducing agents made of inactive yeast containing varying levels of glutatione. They can be used as dough relaxers to replace less label friendly L-cysteine to improve dough machinalbility and extensibility, prevent dough tearing, shrinkage and snap back during molding and sheeting and will allow mix time reductions.


Fermaid® GSH yeast products can be used in a wide range of bakery applications, including pizza dough, tortilla, baguettes, bread, buns and rolls, pastry dough, laminated dough, bagels, pretzels, Melba toast, rusks, etc.


  • Process: Improves dough extensibility and machinability
  • Quality: Prevents dough shrinking and snap back in croissant, Danish pastry, pizza and tortillas. Optimizes bun shape
  • Energy savings: reduce mix time by 20%
  • Ingredient replacement: Clean label  L-cysteine replacer

Fermaid® products

Fermaid® SSR

Inactive Yeast with high GSH concentration; dosage level from 0.05 and 0.15 % on flour weight.
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