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Florapan® Aromatic Yeasts

Your own signature bread with Florapan® Aromatic Yeasts

Florapan® Aromatic Yeasts are applicable in straight dough, preferment step or an extended proof time with the goal to enhance the aroma and taste profile of the baked product.

Florapan® Aromatic Yeasts can be used in combination with conventional yeast to produce baked goods with unique flavors.

Special strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae have been selected for their sensory characteristics in bread production. Flour contains the precursors of the aromas, which can be revealed through the action of enzymes that are produced by our specially selected yeasts.

Florapan® Aromatic Yeasts and Florapan® Starter cultures can be combined in sourdough applications.

Benefits During Process

  • Developed for flavor production
  • Lower gassing power
  • High volatile flavor and precursor production
  • Broad breaf flavor profile in different applications depending on yeast strain


  • Your own signature bread
  • Natural
  • Replacement of artificial flavors
  • Extended freshness appearance
  • Label-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Non-GMO
  • Adaptable to gluten-free products

Florapan® Aromatic Yeasts products

Florapan® A16

Aromatic yeast for
  • Clean and delicate bread flavor
  • Slow fermentation
  • Low gas production
  • Dough tolerance
  • Perfect for chilled/retarded dough concepts

Florapan® A17

Aromatic yeast for
  • Well-rounded bread flavor
  • Enhances the original bread flavor
  • Goes well in all kind of bread products and fine pastry
  • Significant effect in straight dough processes

Florapan® A18

Aromatic yeast for
  • Independent and outstanding bread flavor
  • Differentiation from the standard
  • Goes well in Mediterranean products such as baguette, ciabatta, focaccia or German Kaiser-/crusty rolls
  • Significant effect in straight dough processes
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