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Whole Wheat Breads

Whole Wheat Bread with vitamin D enrichment

Healthy bread, bread and rolls application using Lal^Ferm® fresh yeast, Instaferm®VitaD® Premix SB and Essential® CL-1302 enzyme systems replacers.

Recipe suggestions using Instaferm® VitaD® Premix SB, to provide 80 IU (2 mcg) of Vitamin D per serving size, making your breads a daily “Source of” Vitamin D!

Information provided is only standard guidelines. Calculations are approximate; the proposed recipes and directions might need to be adjusted to suite other ingredients brands, equipment and bakery’s conditions.

Our Technical Support Team can help you customize the dosage for your own formulation.


Name lbs. oz % (bakers percent) kg
Whole Wheat Flour 22.00 100 10.000
Water +/- 16.30 74 7.400
Molasses 1.10 5 0.500
Vital Wheat Gluten 0.88 4 0.400
Lal^Ferm® Fresh Yeast 0.66 3 0.300
Oil 0.66 3 0.300
Salt 0.44 2 0.200
Lallemand Essential® CL 1302 0.22 1 0.100
Instaferm® VitaD® Premix SB 0.05 0.2 0.020


  • Mix all ingredients for 3 min on low speed, then 9 min on high
  • Bench Times 30 min, then knock down and proof another 15 min
  • Scale at 685g (1.51 lb) and preshape
  • 2nd Proof 30 min, then mold into desired shape and put in baking pan
  • Final Proof about 1 hour @ max 100°F / 38°C, in proof box
  • Bake 30 – 35 min @ 375°F / 190°C, preferably with steam

% Loss: 12 %
Yield: 28 breads, 600g each
Serving size: 2 slices (60g)

* Local food regulations should always be consulted with respect to specific applications and necessary declarations. Legislation may vary from country to country.