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Research & Development


“New thoughts and new ideas create new deeds. When they are for the betterment of mankind may they succeed… Cooperation spells success.”

This 1938 quote from Fred A. Lallemand, founder of the company, clearly reflects the spirit of innovation and cooperation still prevailing in our company. Today, this same determination to innovate and cooperate in order to develop new baking products and processes still guides most of Lallemand’s activities. Research and development is a major element in successfully identifying and satisfying the needs of the baking industry in which Lallemand strives to play an active and leading role.

Lallemand’s activity in research aims at:

  • continuously improving the quality of our products, in order to respond adequately to the demands of our existing and potential clients.
  • constantly improving the productivity and output of our processes.
  • developing new products, anticipating or responding to the needs of bakers and the baking industry.
  • monitoring new international developments in the sectors of biotechnology, microbiology and engineering, closely linked to our mission as a yeast and bacteria producer.
  • providing our staff with effective ongoing education, hence promoting successful transfers of technology.



Lallemand’s research department includes a process laboratory focusing on process improvement and product development and one analytical laboratory.

The yeast process research laboratory is located at the Biotechnology Research Institute (BRI) in Montréal (Canada) where we work on fermentation and strain improvement processes, and have access to the most sophisticated technologies, equipment and pilot installations, allowing us to work on the yeast genome and on pilot projects that let us test our strains’ behavior under industrial conditions.

The analytical laboratory is located at the Competence Centre of the Tallinn Technical University (Estonia) where we have access to the most advanced analytical equipment for developing and improving methods for the detection and the quantification of functional molecules of interest. We are also well equipped to conduct directed evolution studies.

Lallemand can also count on bakery applications laboratories located in Montréal, Johannesburg (South Africa), and Setúbal (Portugal). We have developed an expertise in yeasts – liquid, fresh or dry – and bacteria, as well as in baking ingredients, including bread improvers, dough conditioners, bromate substitutes and a whole range of new applications for different segments of the bakery market.

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