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Get to Know more About Vitamin D

VITAMIN D in North America

In North America, many people are not getting their recommended daily intake of 800 IU (20µg). A survey conducted for Lallemand revealed that 83% of the respondents believed that vitamin D plays a moderate-to-great role in maintaining or improving health.

Questions and answers

  • What is the reference intake for vitamin D?

The recommended daily intake in Canada for vitamin D is of 800 IU (20µg).

  • How much vitamin D can be added to bread?

Lallemand Vitamin D Bakers Yeast (VitaD® Yeast) is the only ingredient which can be used up to a maximum level of 400 IU (10 mcg) of Vitamin D per 100 grams of yeast-leavened baked goods, baking mixes and baked snack foods.

  • Does vitamin D survive the baking process?

Stability studies confirm that vitamin D is heat stable. The content of vitamin D in bread baked with vitamin D yeast is not affected by baking and is stable for up to 14 days after baking.

  • Do I need to adjust my baking recipes?

No – Lallemand VitaD® yeast contains the same good baking properties as our conventional baker’s yeast and can be used in all recipes. Try it out!