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Dough conditioners

Dough conditioners contain functional ingredients that are used to improve product quality in breadmaking. Lallemand offers a full range of high performance enzyme-based and non-leavening yeast-based dough conditioners to meet today’s baking needs.

Lallemand dough conditioners sold under Essential® and Fermaid® brand names have been designed, tested and manufactured for quality and consistency.

Formulations are available for all types of dough systems and for a variety of baked goods applications including: breads, buns, rolls, pizza, bagels, pretzels, tortillas, pies, pastry, and crackers.


The Lallemand Baking range of products for dough conditioners includes:

Essential® Dough Conditioners

The trend toward natural ingredients continues to build momentum. Today’s consumers are more label-sensitive than ever before, and government and regulatory groups…

Fermaid® Dough Conditioners

In today’s baking market, there is little room for methods and materials that fail to address the needs of the market. Lallemand…