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Enzyme solutions to replace the functionalities of chemical emulsifiers

Lallemand Baking Essential® ER product range are enzyme-based solutions developed to provide similar functions as DATEM, SSL and distilled or hydrated monoglycerides. They can therefore be used for direct replacement in bread formulations.

Chemical emulsifiers are commonly used in baking to provide dough strength, by improving dough gas retention and final loaf volume, and/or to provide a softer and finer crumb structure. With consumers’ growing demand for clean label products, bakeries are now looking for solutions to replace chemical emulsifiers such as DATEM, SSL, and distilled or hydrated monoglycerides.

Enzymes can be used as a clean label solution to replace the functionalities of emulsifiers, but the choice of enzyme will depend on the substrate available in the formulation and the desired effect. Enzymes can be added as single enzymes or as enzyme combinations to get additional effects or to create synergies between enzymes.

Formulating with enzymes requires a comprehensive understanding of their mechanisms of action, including overdosing or possible side activity effects. It is also an advantage to be knowledgeable about all the available enzymes and their respective characteristics (thermo-stability, usage range, mechanism of action and timing of action). Lallemand Baking provides this knowledge and expertise and works alongside our bakery partners to provide solutions that work and deliver on the clean label challenge.

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