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Essential® Tailored Enzyme Solutions

Enzyme-based customized baking solutions for Industrial Bakeries

Essential® Tailored is our brand for customized enzyme-based solutions. We manufacture our own baking ingredients. With our team of experts based in Montréal, Canada, we develop baking solutions using cutting edge enzyme technology.

As an industrial baker you want a cost effictive and sustainable process that provides you with the right dough development to offer healthy and clean label products with a perfect texture and that stay fresh over time. With our collaborative, responsive and flexible approach, we develop tailored enzyme-based solutions that meet both your own needs and the demands of consumers. Embark on the solution journey with us, to develop the enzyme-based solution you need.


Learn more on how we provide first concept customized solutions for testing, from bench level to plant trials.

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Solution journey

We partner with you to elaborate your a customized solution:

  • We analyze and strive to understand your baking process and recipes.
  • We replicate your production process in our state-of-the-art baking laboratory.
  • We identify within Lallemand Baking database the best combination of ingredients, considering the synergies in substrates in order to identify the best formula.
  • We scale up and reproduce the results at the customer’s industrial process level.

This is how our customized solution delivers you the impact you need to overcome your challenges and reach your ambitions.

Our solutions are the result of our collaboration. Our ingredients are your innovations.


Our Essential® Tailored solutions can be adapted to your needs:

  • Clean label
  • Organic compliant
  • Glute-free
  • Free from artificial and chemical ingredient
  • Lactose free

Essential® Tailored Enzyme Solutions products

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