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Essential® Fresh

Clean label mold inhibitor technology


Essential® Fresh is a new technology based on the post-baking application of live yeast to packaged baked goods. It is produced of a strain of “Saccharomyces cerevisiae”. The yeast remains viable on the surface of the product and creates a controlled atmosphere within the package inhibiting mold growth and extending shelf-life. The primary mechanism of Essential® Fresh extending mold-free shelf-life is based on this viable yeast converting residual ethanol to mold-inhibiting metbolites.

After baking, cooling, and slicing, and before packaging, a prepared solution of Essential® Fresh is sprayed on the surface of the product to inhibit mold growth to extend mold-free shelf-life.

Essential® Fresh can also contribute to an enhanced taste and aroma.



  • Clean label
  • Natural solution
  • Lower cost in use vs. traditional mold inhibitors
  • Label change is not required for products already containing yeast
  • Complete coverage is not required
  • Can be applied with simple spray equipment
  • Shelf life similar to calcium propionate if used by itself
  • Synergistic effect to further extend shelf life when used in combination with other mold inhibitors

Essential® Fresh products

Essential® Fresh

Patented clean label mold inhibitor  
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