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Bake Time Reduction Solution

Process Optimization to Reduce Bake Time – Save on Energy and Bake More Sustainably

Sustainability has become one of the megatrend in the Food and Beverage industry. As global food system contributes to 33% of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions, consumers are becoming aware that their food choices matter. They can take personal control and action on issues such as food waste, recycling, environmentally friendly packaging/less packaging, water shortage. This explains why consumers are now paying attention to environmental labels on packaging, product origin, product environmental impact, use of pesticides, fertilizers, antimicrobials, etc.

Bakeries trying to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions can face many challenges. Parbake process tends to consume more energy resulting in higher production costs. Low hydration formulations typically contain higher yeast levels, which cost more, and are less stable and tend to collapse. Reducing bake time or temperature can jeopardize oven spring, crumb structure, crust formation and coloration.

Lallemand Baking offers a customized solution which can create a competitive advantage for bakeries while helping them achieve a more cost effective and sustainable baking system. Using our tailored-made enzyme system designed for optimized formula and bake time reduction, bakeries will have the opportunity of significantly reducing their energy consumption without loss of yield within the production process of bread.

Application Guide and Video

Learn more on how to reduce bake time and optimize your production process

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Benefits of Lallemand Baking Customized Solution

  • Reduce bake time by up to 30% and reduce oven energy consumption and water usage
  • Optimize the production process to improve stability after proofing and during freezing
  • Increase production output to off set any possible loss in yield
  • Reduce oven energy consumption and reduce water usage
  • Better crust formation; more crispy but less flaky after baking


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