Instaferm® Vita D® Plus Concentrate

Instaferm® Vita D® Plus Concentrate contains the adequate amount of Vitamin D for convenient enrichment of cream yeast. It is designed to replace the use of Vitamin D3 in bread recipes where « good » and « excellent source » Vitamin D content claims are required. It is also designed to replace the use of Vitamin D3 for vegetarian and vegan baking applications.



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Product Description

Instaferm® VitaD® Plus Concentrate consists of instant dried bakers yeast with considerably higher vitamin D concentration than regular Instaferm® yeast. It is obtained from a strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae that is subject to the same production process as our regular Instaferm® bakers yeast and under controlled lighting conditions during part of this process. As a result some of its sterols are converted to vitamin D thus becoming a source of naturally occurring vitamin D2 , a vegetarian source as opposed to D3 coming from animal sources, and typically containing 2,000,000 ± 15% IU/100g.



Instaferm® Vita D® Plus Concentrate can be used as natural and vegetarian source of vitamin D to enhance the vitamin D content of bread and other baked goods.

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